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Our Mission
As we implement or expand current projects, we continue to seek new programs that meet our qualifying criteria. If you are an organization or individual seeking funds for a humanitarian project in India, we would like to hear from you.


Name of Applicant:
Designation of Applicant:
Name of Organization:
Website (If any):
Organization profile (Include scope of operations, project implementation experience, profiles of key staff members, funds raised/disbursed till date and fund sources):
Does organization have valid ‘Non Profit Organization’ status? Yes No
Project Description (Include project scope and goals, describe social benefits resulting from successful implementation):

Project Location:
Number of beneficiaries directly affected by the project:
Project schedule (If project is divided into phases, define goals and timeline for each phase):
Does Organization or Applicant have past experience in executing similar projects? (If yes, please outline such projects. Include details such as project goals and  beneficiaries, current status and funds disbursed towards each project ):
Profiles of project supervisors:
Expense projections (Define cost heads and allocation to each cost head):
Amount of funding sought from Ek Disha:
List other donors for this project (Include amounts committed by each donor):
Is this funding directed towards asset creation or operational expenses? (If asset creation is intended, please define assets - describe asset use, operating/maintenance expenses and projected depreciation):
Describe purchase process and supplier/vendor selection methodology:
Are benefits rendered free of charge or is there a minimum charge/fee?
Is the project ‘open to all’ or selective on the basis of religion, caste or gender?