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Our Mission
EK DISHA is a USA based non-profit organization that funds high impact humanitarian projects. We are guided by a simple yet inspiring philosophy - recognition and resolution of fundamental human needs.


  It is this underlying theme that runs through all the projects we support - be it funding an employment generating cooperative in a tribal area, building schools in districts where none existed, helping out with emergency services in natural disaster areas, or providing medical aid for patients who cannot afford regular hospital or clinical care.

EK DISHA funded projects meet stringent qualifying criteria:

Mass impact: Funded projects should have the scale to affect communities. We like to ensure that the ratio of the number of people affected by a project to the funds disbursed towards that project is high. Projects are also required to meet or exceed predefined qualitative criteria.

Transparent process: EK DISHA places maximum emphasis on transparency. Details are monitored and conveyed to donors. Project teams on the ground follow a strict disclosure and reporting policy to account for fund allocation, project timelines and ongoing operations.

Tangible outcome: While EK DISHA’s methodology entails thoughtful planning, careful execution and detailed monitoring, success is defined by measurable outcomes. Tangible goals permeate every phase of the project, from planning to fulfilment.

Projects are undertaken on purely humanitarian considerations and are devoid of religious, ethnic or political bias.

If you would like to get an overview of some of our projects or would like to submit a project proposal for funding by Ek Disha [ click here ]